3 Ways to get More Organic Traffic to your Website

Posted: December 3, 2019

Written by: SPP Editorial Team

3 Ways to get More Organic Traffic to your Website

Oh the power of Organic Traffic.

So, you want to be on the first page of Google.

You want to be seen by customers so he or she buys your product or service. But how do you get organic traffic to your website without paying for it?

Hello everyone!

Today we are going to discuss 3 Ways to get Organic Traffic to your website.

Here’s an overview of what we will cover in this blog:

  1. Perform a Keyword Search
  2. CTR Magnet Method
  3. Link Building

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1. Perform a Keyword Search

Good keywords are essential for good SEO practice.

Did you know you can improve the presence of all your web pages and appear on the top of Google with good keyword research and on-page SEO practices? If your thinking appearing on the top of google for competitive keyword terms is nearly impossible, think again! It’s 100% possible. But it’s up to you to create every next piece of content with optimization in mind.

Let’s get down to the basics.

What is a keyword?

As defined by Techterms, Keywords are used on the Web in two different ways:

  1. As search terms for search engines
  2. Words that identify the content of the website

It’s a good idea to optimize each blog post you publish. Next, optimize each page you create for one main keyword and include secondary ones to rank for synonyms too.

Long-tail keywords containing 3 or more words have less competition which means you can rank faster.

It is a good idea to write content for the reader, Google suggests. What do I mean by this? Answering questions the searcher has because users are now using descriptive queries where long-term keywords work very well. Did you know, many expert marketers have successfully brought in a huge amount of organic traffic to their site just with targeting the best long-tail keywords? There is great value in the research of these keywords. An examples of a popular tool for keyword search is Wordtracker. 

Here’s how it Wordtracker Works:

  1. Create a free Wordtracker account
  2. Enter your “seed” keyword in the search bar
  3. organic traffic, keyword search
  4. Select your region
  5. Under “match” click Keywords in any order and include plurals
  6. Compare and contrast the volume and competition for the keyword you decided to research
  7. Sort Keywords based on competition
  8. Save your keywords

keyword search

Now that we’ve learned how to perform a keyword search, it’s time to start optimizing our blogs and web pages to start getting more organic traffic to your website.

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2. The CTR Magnet Method

The CTR Magnet Method can be applied in 3 Easy steps:

  1. Find AdWords Ads
  2. Add these words to title and description tags
  3. Get more clicks to your website

1. Find AdWords Ads – The easiest way to find AdWords Ads is to google search your keyword and determine the common words used among advertisers. You will find many advertisers use similar words in their ads like growth, boost or increase. 

Adwords Ads

2. Add these words to title and description tags – Now that you have found common words from AdWords Ads, it is now time to add these words to your title and description tags. If you are using WordPress, you can find this at the bottom of your blog under the SEO Tab.

3. Get more clicks to your website – Once you are finished adding these keywords to your title and description tags, get ready to see more clicks to your website. Don’t worry if this doesn’t happen right away. A good SEO strategy takes a while to implement and even longer for Google to catch you.

3. Link Building

Did you know link building is one of the most important skill in SEO?

Interestingly enough, it takes many different skills: content mastering, sales, programming, psychology, and marketing. That is why link building is so important when it comes to being seen online. Links are the primary means of online navigation that direct people from one web page to another. People associate links as a signal of trust and authority.

End of Story? Link building is a must if you want more search engine traffic. 

Why do businesses use link building in their marketing strategy?

  1. Links are a strong ranking factor in Google’s search algorithm.
  2.  Links are valuable for building an audience. When you secure a link on another website, it gives another audience a chance to access your website directly.
  3. Links are valuable for marketing. Consider a link as a “vote of confidence” because it creates a positive connection for a valuable relationship.

Here’s how to start guest blogging for links:

  1. Find someone in your niche that writes a lot of guest posts
  2. Grab the URL of the headshot they use in their author bio
  3. Google Reverse Image search the picture to find where they write guest posts

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Are you ready to start getting more organic traffic to your website?

Here’s an overview of what we’ve learned:

  1. Perform a Keyword Search
  2. CTR Magnet Method
  3. Link Building

There is no quick and easy way to securing quality links. You’ll need to put in the work to reap the rewards. With a little research, analysis, creativity and strategy link building, you can make the difference your website needs. Make sure every link on your website useful for your targeted audience. Quality links will help your website increase organic traffic from Google searches.

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