How to Increase Gym Memberships in 2020

Posted: November 24, 2019

Written by: SPP Editorial Team

More Gym Memberships anyone?

Increase Gym Memberships

Well, if you have a gym… of course you want MORE gym memberships!

The REAL question is – How do you get more quality Gym Memberships per month?

There are countless fitness marketing strategies out there, but which one is best for your gym?

Let’s look at exactly HOW to Increase Gym Memberships with renewed dedication to smash on the competition.

The breakdown of what we’ll cover:
    • Build a Fitness Community for More Gym Memberships
    • Increase the Value of Gym Memberships
    • Vendor Opportunities to Increase Gym Memberships
    • Engage with Current Members on Social
    • Membership Events 
    • Social Media Advertising

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Build a Fitness Community for More Gym Memberships

One thing that can help a gym or box studio owner “stand out” from the competition is by building a fitness community that supports their mission. It can be difficult for a member to stay committed due to the constant temptations to steer away from that fitness goal.

Did you know when people come together and work together towards the same mission, there’s a sense of commitment that comes along with that? What better way to have your members work together towards a similar goal?

Ask yourself these questions about your gym:
  1. What is your gyms’ mission?
  2. What differentiates you from every other gym out there?

You should eat, sleep and breath your mission. It should be talked about by the members that come to your gym. Soon, they will start eating, sleeping and breathing your mission as well. Here are some examples of things that will help your gym build a fitness community around your gym:

    • Educational Blogs on Fitness
    • Educational Articles around Good Health and Healthy Eating
    • Fitness Challenges
    • Fitness Competitions
    • Marathons or Jog-a-thons around the community
    • Articles about Wellness of the Mind & Body 

A great gym has a community around them that are on the same mission. This will provide a commitment to others around them and continue to be members of your gym for a long time.

Increase the Value of Gym Memberships

How much do you charge your members per month?

If you look at the value you bring these members, is it enough compared to the $19/month deal another big brand gym is letting members in at?

Just because that gym is charging a low fee, doesn’t mean people won’t choose yours even if it’s a higher cost per month. In fact, there are many negative side effects of having gym costs set to the lowest price. The times of day that are busy can lead to consistent members struggling to get a machine and sometimes fighting to find space on the exercise floor.

Not all members need the absolute lowest price to be happy. In fact, many members want to feel like their apart of a team when they show up to a gym. Added value to them could be as simple as a fresh towel when they come in to the gym.

What are some ways you can bring more value to your currents to make sure they aren’t going to leave you for a better price on the market?

The answer is bringing more VALUE. 

Let’s brainstorm here for a moment…. How can you bring more value to your current members and your future members?

Increasing the Value of Each Membership Examples:
  1. Exclusive Membership Groups on Facebook – Invite your members to join your private exclusive Facebook Group for shared tips and helpful tools to keep a member on board, even when he or she signs onto Facebook. Did you know that Facebook Groups are the first posts seen when an individuals signs onto their Facebook Account? You can be the first thing your member is thinking about before scrolling mindlessly through his or her news feed. Take a look at Digital Marketer’s article on How to Build and Manage a Private Facebook Group for help and inspiration.
  2. Towel Services and a Lounge Space – You’d be surprised how much the “little things” matter to a member. If your gym doesn’t already provide it’s members with a towel before workout, it might be a good idea to start! Now, if your gym has a limited space and the “option” for a lounge area is limited, that might be an issue. Try seeing what can be moved around to cater to your customer more. For example, a couple starts working out together but the wife decided to take a workout class and the husband has finished his workout 20 minutes before her. Is there a comfortable space at your gym for him to hangout and wait? A lounge space is a great way to add value to your gyms space that members will appreciate.

Vendor Opportunities to Increase Gym Memberships

Does your gym provide additional services aside from a fitness pass to it’s members?

Have you looked into vendor opportunities for your gym?

This is a great way to not only have more service options for your lovely members to enjoy, but also increase your profit margins at year end. The biggest reason a gym owner might decide not to bring in another service is the upfront cost.

When a gym owner starts to think like a business owner, the upfront cost doesn’t mean much of anything after 6 months to a year of having the service available to your members. It actually makes a gym owner think how crucial it is to bring more services and add-ons to increase the lifetime value of each member.

Awesome, I know.

Let’s take a look at two common vendor opportunities a gym can offer.

Examples of Vendor Opportunities:
  1. Massage Chair Service – People love massages. As a result, why not give your members another reason to come into your gym? There are different types of massage chairs to consider. The one I am going to touch on is partnering with a massage chair company. There is no upfront cost and all that needs to happen is signing for a consignment. One massage costs a member $5.00 for 15 minutes and you and the partner split the profit made from the chair on a quarterly basis. Sounds like a win-win to me. If your gym is interested in partnering with a massage chair vendor, learn more about how to get started here –> Gym Owner Massage Chair Vendor Opportunity
  2. Tanning Bed Service – A tanning bed can be another great way to get members to stick around and attract new ones. For example, not every gym has a service like this for their members due to cost and space, but it can actually be a great way to get your members to pay more for their memberships. A tanning bed service comes with liabilities that will need to be understood by your members. This is also a great way to give your members a way to relax their mind while at the gym.

Engage with Current Members on Social

How can your gym engage with your members more on social media?

A great idea to get you thinking is to simply sharing a daily workout.

For instance, it might be a good idea to hire someone to handle your social media accounts so that if a member is reaching out to you, your response time can be immediate and will help your members feel appreciated. It can be as simple as a 5 second response to someones comment on your post.

There is a new trend called “Transformation Tuesday” you can take advantage of and post a members success story on these days.

When a member signs up for a membership, the battle sometimes isn’t when they’re at your gym. The battle is usually to get them off of the couch and into the gym for a workout. We are entering into a digital world where more people are spending a large amount of their time on social media. Members are online and want to hear something inspiring from you to come back in and workout at your gym.

As a result, we not only engage with members, but also Monetize your Social Media Accounts. Check out our Blog on How to Monetize your Social Media Accounts Here.

Membership Events

Membership Events is an outstanding way to reach out to a wider audience, build more brand awareness and increase member retention and revenue for your business. Healthy events play an important part in community awareness and can be ideal for improving loyalty and retention among members.

Here’s a Few Examples:
  1. Current Member Events: Social Gatherings, Famous Fitness Personalities, Targeting Local Communities, Specialist Courses, Member Spotlights
  2. New Member Events: Weight Loss Challenges, 28 Day Challenges, Brand Awareness Events, Live Speaker Fitness Personalities
  3. Sponsored Events: Fitness Fundraisers, Supporting a Local Charity, Partnering with Complementary Businesses

In conclusion, a Membership Event will take time and money, but will increase gym memberships and will build brand awareness for your gym.

Social Media Advertising

In online advertising, small businesses have the opportunity to reach members directly with the use of social media. Doing so on social media allows gym owners the ability to influence members to buy your services versus ones who aren’t in their face online.

It can be a good idea for a business to keep up with blog posts that have valuable and knowledgable content to position yourselves as the “experts” in the industry.

Teach your members more about your industry and how your brand plays an important role.

Let’s face it. Traditional advertising is expensive but how much value has it “really” brought your business?

Online advertising is less expensive of the two. Digital advertising has been made affordable for any business, and it does not involve much field work and background work to get going.

If you’d like to learn more about digital marketing, you can check out our post of how you can benefit here.


We’ve covered How to Increase Gym Memberships in 2020, now what are you going to apply to start bringing in more gym memberships?

A quick recap:

    • Building a Fitness Community for More Gym Memberships
    • Increase the Value of Gym Memberships
    • Vendor Opportunities to Increase Gym Memberships
    • Engage with Current Members on Social
    • Membership Events 
    • Social Media Advertising
    • Using Technology for Member Retention

Remember, people have a hard time committing to their fitness goals. With the use of some or all of these items above, you will be able to engage the less motivated and attract the right members who will become brand advocates for your gym.

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